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Please join us on weekly no-cost and promotion-free virtual gatherings with other like-minded people to:

Share resources
Manage mindset
Create action plan

 Keep your momentum going!

“These calls saved my bacon. I can be real about problems, but then get moving into solutions. I’m so grateful. Join these calls - you’ll be so thankful you did!” – Jennifer Evans Simmons, Event Planner, Spokane

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Call Rules

  1. Be kind. Period.
  2. Be real and allow others to do the same. This is a safe space to express your fear and not paste on a happy face.
  3. Be open. What worked last week may not work this week, so open your mind to new possibilities.
  4. Be generous. Share resources & referrals. When you break into breakout groups, make sure everyone has time to talk.
  5. Be focused on what you CAN do. These calls must encourage empowered action. Be real, and then move on to actions and mindsets that will move you forward.

What about selling? Two things:

  1. You will be asked to leave if you use this as a forum to sell your products or services.
  2. You are encouraged to schedule a separate call with anyone who self-identifies as interested in your products or services.

It's a balance. These calls are a safe space for connection and empowerment, and hard-selling breaks down that psychological safety. However, it's also critically important that we encourage business to be done. We can't be afraid to serve people who want what we have, and to ask to be paid for those services.

Call Structure

You will gather in small virtual groups to mastermind, vent, collaborate and ultimately focus on what you CAN do. We'll then come together as a big group and share best practices and aha's, then you'll set accountability steps for the week.

Breakout Room Guide

The breakout rooms are run by you and your peers. Click the image below to download the guide you'll follow.

Call Dates

All times are Pacific
March 20, 12pm
March 27, 12pm
April 2, 1pm
April 9, 11am
April 16, 11am - SPEED NETWORKING!
April 24, 12pm
April 30, 10am
May 8, 12pm
May 15, 12pm
May 22, 12pm
May 29, 12pm

Zoom info


Join via phone: (646) 558-8656, meeting ID: 555 979 3700

Host Info

Mary Cravets

Mary Cravets is a Client Generation Expert and International Speaker who helps entrepreneurs significantly grow their businesses without working nights and weekends. Using her methods, the majority of her clients quickly increase their income 50-100%.

Clients include the former CFO of Microsoft North America, thought-leaders in the coaching industry and rising stars in a variety of other professions.

Mary is also an avid roller coaster enthusiast and a kayaking volunteer for a wildlife protection program in Morro Bay, California